Behavioral clinicians can adopt NODA and expand or streamline their referral network

Organizations can now offer a new remote diagnostic service

We walk your patients through the entire process.

1. Refer your patient to NODA

2. Families collect and upload data at home

3. Your trained clinicians can review and render a diagnosis

4. You receive a detailed, accurate diagnostic report

NODA is used for children 18 months to 7 years of age


What is NODA?

NODA is an evidence-based Autism diagnostic service platform that has been brought to market to address some of the challenges with early diagnosis.  Current challenges include the lack of access to professionals, long waiting periods, earlier detection, clinical appointment scheduling and costs.  NODA has been commercially developed through a $2.7 Million dollar NIMH-funded series of research studies that included Georgia Tech, Behavior Imaging and the Southwest Autism Research and Resource Center.

Why a new Autism diagnosis?

Provider Organizations

  • Seeking cost effective assessments to add to their provider network
  • Desire to expand patient and service coverage
  • Wanting a modern turnkey solution to improve desired patient intake
  • Accelerate a path to diagnosis leading to early intervention improvements

Family Desires:

  • Fraction of the cost and time of traditional testing.
  • Conducted from the child’s natural environment – (valuable perspective)
  • Faster answers
  • No waiting time to see a specialist – faster access to early intervention
  • Convenient and easy to use.

Collaboration Opportunity

NODA is market proven for patients and providers. We are implementing more pilot programs. If you are interested in a presentation or call to learn more just email us here:

Partnership Case Study

See how we implemented with Phoenix Children’s Hospital

subspecialty care from barrows and PCH available.

Our implementation with PCH included 3 pieces:

ed1. Educating the Professionals

See the PCH newsletter announcing and explaining the partnership. Organizations must communicate the importance, value, and details of implementing NODA to the doctors and professionals who interface with patients and work with Autism every day.

them2. Offering NODA To Their Patients

See PCH’s page on their autism program. Next PCH added NODA as one of the tools they use with patients. Patients can now learn about the NODA option and use it in their relationship with PCH.

us3. Deploy NODA App for PCH

See our signup page with a special tab for PCH patients in Arizona. Finally, we add a special gateway for partners so that doctors, specialists, and caregivers all have the proper level of access to the technology.

For Your Standalone Practice

Physicians are not part of a larger network organization can also refer to a participating specialist


Learn more about NODA and referring patients.