When you’re worried there may be something wrong with your child, you want answers now.

NODA can give you the answer.


is a clinically tested service using our smartphone app and autism specialists to diagnose or rule out autism – faster, easier and less expensively.

NODA offers answers fast —

No waiting

If you suspect it’s autism, the wait for an in-clinic assessment can be up to a year long…

With easy-to-follow instructions, NODA is used in the comfort of your home, which also provides a valuable perspective from your child’s natural environment that cannot be easily captured in the doctor’s office. This also cuts costs in half and reduces time spent waiting for your appointment for traditional testing – time better spent on early intervention.


If the diagnosis is autism,



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World-class research is happening in the Phoenix Metro area, and our Arizona communities are the first to benefit. In collaboration with Barrow Neurological Institute at Phoenix Children’s Hospital, you can find a specialist and an expert team to develop a treatment plan that’s right for your child. Ask your pediatrician for a referral or visit barrow.phoenixchildrens.org/NODA for more information.port.

subspecialty care from barrows and PCH available.
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NODA Capture app is available in the App Store. Sign up online or using the app. Having NODA on a mobile device provides a convenient way to capture your child’s behaviors and send for diagnosis.

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NODA Autism


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