Ron Oberleitner

Chief Executive Officer, Chairman of the Board

Ron is a widely recognized thought leader in the health IT and autism communities, having successfully brought numerous innovations to market, including TalkAutism and AutismCares. He is a leading expert and widely published researcher on the use of health informatics and telemedicine for special needs, all of this work in recent years stemming from a successful career with market-leading medical device companies.

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Sharon Oberleitner

Director of Assessment

Ms. Sharon Oberleitner serves as Vice President of Clinical and Corporate Affairs of Behavior Imaging Solutions, Inc. Ms. Oberleitner founded the technology nonprofit Princeton Autism Technology and has spoken at numerous national autism conferences. Sharon was recognized with a Top Innovator Award for founding a new platform used throughout multiple States for assessing Special Need student progress. She was an executive board member of New Jersey‘s state agency for autism services (COSAC), the autism delegate to Idaho Partners in Policymaking, and the recipient of the Organization for Autism Research (OAR)’s National Service Award. In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, she co-founded and ran AutismCares, a coalition of groups supporting families in natural disasters. She manages Behavior Imaging‘s interface with the clinical community and coordinates with healthcare and education professionals to ensure the relevance of it’s solutions.

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Rem Fox

Chief Operating Officer / NODA General Manager

Rem brings 24 years experience in telecommunications engineering and technology, and has mentored more than 15 start-up companies. In 2006, Rem turned to healthcare to develop his own asynchronous telemedicine platform, geared partly for autism applications, and was awarded a patent for a related clinical management platform in 2010. Rem is leading the operational delivery, technology developments and fiscal oversight through his operational expertise in design and delivery of technology platforms and services to various industries over his career, most notably with Comcast, Clearwire and Hewlett Packard. Rem is also the General Manager to commercialize the company’s NODA Diagnostic Assessment service.

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Gregory Abowd, Ph.D.

Chief Research Officer

Gregory is a world-renowned computing expert at the Georgia Institute of Technology and a former Rhodes Scholar. Through a licensing arrangement with the Georgia Tech Research Corporation, Gregory has been a key contributor in the development of Behavior Imaging. He is an expert on video technologies and in the area of human-computer interaction, with particular focus on the engineering and evaluation of mobile and ubiquitous computing applications.

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Suhas Pharkute, Ph.D.

Systems Architect

Suhas received his doctorate in engineering and applied science from Idaho State University (ISU) with a concentration in telehealth for underserved populations. He was the architect and administrator for Telehealth Idaho, a project of the Idaho Rural Health Institute at ISU. His specialization in low-bandwidth video transmission and platform design for telehealth systems makes him adept at designing technology platforms. Suhas is also an expert on Internet security and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and brings strong telehealth IT expertise to the company.

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