Bringing the ‘Autism Medical Home’ to Adults

BIS' TalkAutism MedHome is cool and chic

BIS’ TalkAutism MedHome is cool and chic, while assisting young adults to get help if needed – and letting letting adults be integral in the community.

In an investment to support its future technology research with a clinical laboratory to assess use of some cutting-edge technologies in the home of adults with autism (ASD), BIS opened its TalkAutism MedHome in September, 2016. Goals are to use this setting to simulate everyday life for adults with autism and other disabilities, while helping them seek  access to health care and more healthy socially integrated living, while reducing overall costs. BIS and its research and clinical partners will carefully evaluate which tools, technologies and services best support individuals to live in a more happy, safe and learning environment.

Behavior Imaging’s Board approved the opening of this clinical laboratory in downtown Boise to conduct ongoing research with adults with autism. This laboratory will be named the TalkAutism MedHome.

Researchers and clinicians can use the TalkAutism MedHome as a means of collecting data related to adults’ regular activities in way that is privacy-sensitive, supportive to their needs, etc. – while giving them the supports they need to.  With a click of a button, the adult him/herself, or his case worker or family member, can reach out to doctors and other autism specialists for assistance, coaching or communicating their ongoing good health. Progress of the programs of this program will be updated at .

The 1,300 foot model apartment environment is outfitted with both HIPAA-conforming technologies (eg. Behavior Capture and Behavior Connect, Personal Health Record), entertainment and Instructional technologies, select group of consumer-based technologies ( incl. smartphones, Gizmo Gadget, DropCam, Smart Washing Machines, > 100 Assistive Tech apps etc.) and Telehealth Sensors to help study what uses of select technologies can assist a disabled individual to live safely, (quasi-)independently, and happily. This model home is accessible to BI researchers,  U of I’s Assistive Technology expert lab, and for doctors and therapists from St. Luke’s Health Program …

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Recognizing how much of people with Behavior disorders and intellectual disabilities spend time in their home performing everyday activities like: sleeping, eating, cooking, relaxing, entertaining, an environment like the TalkAutism MedHome can help individuals like they would, while providing dignified ability to do research, while developing policies and procedures to protect individuals’ privacy and sense of dignity. Behavior Imaging’s uniquely ‘wired’ home lab provides an interdisciplinary environment to address the fundamental technical, design, and social challenges for people with intellectual disabilities in a home setting. This lab should provide an authentic home environment to study solutions and challenges for a residential living environment for disabled adults.

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