This two-minute video explains what behavior imaging is and how products like Behavior Capture and Behavior Connect are revolutionizing how we observe, assess, and treat behavioral disorders.

Care for people with behavioral problems usually involves networks of professionals and family members. Similar networks treating other health problems routinely share patient data in the form of visual representations that allow for swift, precise, analysis. Not so in behavioral health, where many records simply summarize what people say they saw or felt.

Now, with Behavior Imaging, objective behavioral data can captured, analyzed, and shared. This digital video camera can be activated with a click of a remote by a parent, caregiver, teacher, or clinician to capture actual behavior as it occurs.

Actually, the camera, developed for this specific use, will have captured a certain amount of action before the remote was clicked to create a visual record of the behavior, what led to it and what happened afterward. It’s easy to annotate and securely upload this video for review by professionals consulted in the individual’s care using the Behavior Imaging Solutions HIPAA-compliant online Behavior Connect health record system. Email, cell phone videos, medical images — any data or document — can be added to the record.

The Behavior Connect online application is convenient for providing timely feedback, real-time consultations, case history reviews, and in-depth assessments. Data uploaded to this standards-based platform is easily integrated with existing health record information systems.

Behavior Imaging enables organizations to extend the reach of their clinical practice and training activity to underserved and remote areas. They’ll be able to interact with patients more frequently and effectively, improving outcomes while reducing travel costs and other operating expenses.

This telehealth and telemedicine solution is the product of ten years of working to revolutionize what technology can do for sufferers of behavioral disorders like autism, traumatic brain injury, PTSD, and other behavioral conditions. Our tools are opening doors to a better future in public school special education, autism, developmental disorders, learning disabilities, military veteran treatment, healthcare, and psychology. To see more of the journey behavioral telemedicine observation, assessment, intervention, treatment, and diagnosis has been on, visit 10 Years of Autism Telehealth.