Recent Achievements & Media Coverage

By promoting better health care access while developing solutions that provide concerned families with fast, no-wait answers when it comes to diagnosing autism, Behavior Imaging has been featured in several media outlets regarding many of their most recent achievements:

Idaho Business Review – Boise company receives $1M grant for at-home autism test

The CEO of a Boise medical technology company who said his son was diagnosed with autism much later than he should have been is trying to ensure future families won’t have the same problem. Ronald Oberleitner’s company, Behavior Imaging Solutions, received a $1 million grant from the National Institutes of Health to help further develop its …

Royal Jay – 11 Boise companies changing healthcare for the better

Behavior Imaging – Unlike an X-ray or a blood test, behavioral health can be difficult to document objectively and precisely. Behavior Imaging uses cameras to document a person’s behavior in their home, school or at a clinic, which is shared with doctors and caregivers for a more accurate treatment…

Idaho Statesman – Ron Oberleitner: I’m glad Idaho helped me develop technology for autism care

Many of us may be surprised about Idaho’s contributions in medicine and health technology that have led to life-changing diagnoses and treatments for crippling health conditions. Important Idaho successes include Sagle’s Dr. Forrest Bird (medical respirator/ventilator), Coeur d’Alene’s Nighthawk (the world’s first teleradiology company), and Boise’s Healthwise (medical content distributor).

AZ Family – 3TV Discusses NODA App

To help get the word out about better heatlhcare access for families and children, DR. Openden shares the value of NODA for concerned individuals seeking access to earlier diagnostic assessments for autism.