Recent Research Presentations and Conferences

Behavior Imaging’s main purpose is to develop solutions to facilitate the observational, analytical and collaborative needs of behavior health care and special education professionals. By enabling collaboration and consultation between patients and professionals through the use of video capture and a secure health record, clients like the Department of Defense, State Departments of Education, universities, and other behavior health service providers now have the ability to store, share and annotate video files as a means of increasing disabled people’s access to care via technology.

Innovative Technology Demonstration at IMFAR Autism Research Conference

Recently on May 16th, 2014 our clinical partners from Georgia Tech spoke at the International Meeting for Autism Research (IMFAR) about their research using Behavior Imaging via the iterative design of a system to support diagnostic assessments for autism using home videos. IMFAR is an annual conference by the International Society for Autism Research (INSAR) to provide ASD researchers from around the world with a focused opportunity to share the rapidly moving scientific investigation of ASD.

With the understanding that direct observation in the natural environment is the key in diagnosing ASD, clinical professionals agree that while such observations are crucial at obtaining accurate and comprehensive assessments, such observations are currently not feasible to implement into clinical practices on a larger scale.

Georgia Tech then spoke of their objective and partnership with Behavior Imaging to iteratively design a system that would enable parents to record video examples of their child’s behavior at home under the guidance of a clinician in order to share these recordings for the purpose of diagnosing autism. Included with this system is a set of reordered instructions embedded within the capture application that would help guide parents while maximizing the clinical utility of the recordings as well. Currently a study is being conducted in which families of children recently diagnosed with autism will use this system in their homes, under the guidance of a remotely-located clinician in order to complete a diagnostic checklist for autism, which will then be compared to the child’s current diagnosis.

Recent Presentation on Innovation and Technology

In addition, Behavior Imaging was also proud to speak as one of the leading experts in healthcare technologies innovation at the 12th Annual 2014 Front End of Innovation Conference that is the #1 industry event for provoking change, and exchanging best practices for real world, best-in-class presentations by true visionaries that are passionate about innovation and deliver measureable results.