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Supported File Types

The Electronic Uploader supports the file types listed below: 1. Image Formats 2. Video Formats 3. Document Formats 4. Audio Formats Image Formats: JPG PNG GIF Video Formats: ASF AVI DAT DIVX DV FLV F4V MKV MOD MOV MPE MPEG MPEG4 MPG MTS M2TS MP4 M4A M4V NSV OGA OGV QT TOD TS WAV WEBM WMV 3GP […]

Connecting Brain Health and B.I.

Our CEO is joining other nationally-renowned speakers at the December 6-7th SharpBrains Virtual Conference 2016. Ron Oberleitner will join 40 world-class experts and innovators to discuss leading-edge insights, tools and initiatives to “Reinvent Brain Health in the Digital Age.” Our company’s talk is entitled ‘Better Ways of Assessing Brain Health for People with NeuroD_____ Conditions’. Ron will discuss why and […]

System Admin Window

The System Admin window provides administrators the ability to add, edit, and delete all users and clients within the system. It also provides access to all files within the organization’s Enterprise Account. The System Admin window has three main parts to it: 1. Main Table 2. Actions Tab 3. Group Associations Table Main Table The […]

Notification Settings

The Notification Settings window pops up after clicking on the actions tab of the System Admin (available for Admins, Group System Admins, and Group Admins)  or the actions tab in the Client Selector (available for Users, Scorers, and Gold Standard Raters). This window allows the Admin the ability to configure what notifications they will receive […]

Reminder of why Behavior Imaging IS HERE

(from the CEO) Periodically, I find myself re-visiting wonderful TED talks like this one from Kerry (https://youtu.be/WtgGzKRHT-Y ) who eloquently shares how not being able to communicate your wishes and needs can be SO debilitating to live a happy and full life. Via its telehealth and health assessment tools, B.I. seeks to help those individuals […]

Data Viewers

All files within the system will appear in a Data Viewer when opened. Metadata and communication can be annotated within the Data Viewer. A user will be able to add, edit, and delete all metadata only until the user clicks the Save button. There are two types of Data Viewers, each meant for different types […]

Comments Feature

Comments can be added to any file available for a user with permissions. All comments will be author and timestamped. Adding a Comment 1. The user clicks on the Comment Tab in the file viewer. 2. This will open the Comment section. – Previous comments will be in the top window. 3. Below is a […]

Client Notepad Feature

The Client Notepad allows users with permissions to create and view notes regarding a client. All users and admins associated with this client will have access to these notes. Login Clients are capable of viewing notes that a user makes available to them. Client Notepad’s Location The Client Notepad can be found in the System Admin feature for […]

Video Player’s Tag Feature

A tag can be added to video files only and are placed at specific time points in the video. Previously added tags are not editable. When changes have been made to the file, the “Save” button at the bottom right will turn green. A tack will appear at the specified time in order to provide […]