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Bringing the ‘Autism Medical Home’ to Adults

In an investment to support its future technology research with a clinical laboratory to assess use of some cutting-edge technologies in the home of adults with autism (ASD), BIS opened its TalkAutism MedHome in September, 2016. Goals are to use this setting to simulate everyday life for adults with autism and other disabilities, while helping them seek  access to health […]


Behavior Connect™ KnowledgeBase’s SiteMap Behavior Connect™ KnowledgeBase Getting Started System Requirements The System’s Features Roles and Descriptions Administrative Roles User Roles Client Roles System Admin Window System Admin’s Search Feature Giving Users Access to Clients (Admins Only) How to Add a User (Admins Only) Changing a Role of a User Client Notepad Feature Notification Settings Setting […]


The Admin role is the only role that has access to Reports. The reports provide data to best manage and support the organization. Custom reports can be requested. They can be found in the dropdown menu on the main toolbar. Report Types Tag Report Columns: Date Tag was Added. User/Client File Resides. File Name. Folder […]

The Encoding Process

After a file is uploaded, the word “encoding” will appear next to it. All  files uploaded to the system go through the process of encoding. This process is when the file is being converted to a specific file extension, such as PDF, JPG, and WMV. The length of the video or the size of the file will […]