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Behavior Imaging Named Leading Patient Engagement Solution Provider

Insights Care Magazine has been a healthcare solutions hub for years. The magazine has studied the trends shaping the future of the healthcare industry and technology landscape throughout the globe. Technological intervention is changing healthcare on a daily basis. Insights Care provides a platform for doctors and patients to learn about these exciting technological solutions. We’re thrilled to see Behavior Imaging recognized by the magazine as one of the Top 10 Engagement Solution Providers for 2018. The article describes the Behavior Imaging story, provides insight into our unrivaled services, and speaks to a bright future for families.

The Story Behind Behavior Imaging Solutions

Since founding Behavior Imaging in 2005, Ron and Sharon Oberleitner have dedicated their careers to assisting families by improving their accessibility to behavior health treatment. Because of their son’s autism diagnoses in 1996, Ron and Sharon have personally experienced and witnessed the challenges of receiving specialized care. With the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) reporting a climbing prevalence in autism diagnosis, families are facing the barriers of distance, cost, and accessibility now more than ever. Through their personal investment and uncompromising commitment to families, Ron and Sharon are helping break through these barriers and close what Behavior Imaging calls the care gap.

insights care behavior imaging patient engagement solution providers

Ron and Sharon Oberleitner at a recent gathering at their home.


Costs and lack of access to specialized providers are the main barriers families living with autism face. The article describes how Behavior Imaging provides an intelligent alternative to long wait times that could negatively affect a child’s development.

patient engagement solutions insights care magazine behavior imaging

Behavior Imaging is one of the Top 10 Patient Engagement Solutions of 2018

“By using smartphones, video capture, and artificial intelligence, behavioral care becomes more efficient and cost-effective for the people who need it most. BI products provide patients and their doctors/clinicians with the solutions for understanding autism and behavior health needs.”

Behavior Imaging works to take behavioral care beyond in-person assessment and treatment into a fully realized technological landscape. And, as the article explores, these services extend beyond family members. Behavior Imaging’s own employees regularly receive outside training pertinent to their position. Each step leads to even better patient engagement.

A Bright Future Ahead

The care gap isn’t the only barrier families face. Change often happens slowly and technological advancements can be met with skepticism. Insights Care spoke to Ron personally about what makes an ideal leader in the face of certain challenges.


“This ideal leader works hard and tirelessly to overcome objections and demonstrate profound benefits through responsible research and compassion for both struggling patients and the well-meaning clinicians who serve them.”


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Ron and Sharon working tirelessly to close the care gap.

Behavior Imaging strives to leave families feeling empowered to take an active role in care. We’re hopeful this recognition by the magazine will empower clinicians with engagement solutions that provide the most helpful information about their patients. This outlook, combined with an active work environment, can only mean a bright future for both families and Behavior Imaging.