Behavior Imaging at Front End Innovation 2014

Behavior Imaging Presents at the 12th Annual FEI 2014, The World Leader in Advancing Innovation

Telemedicine and Social Media as Disruptive Solutions for Brain Disorders

Ron Oberleitner, founder & Chief Executive Officer of Behavior Imaging Solutions was invited to speak as one of the experts in healthcare technologies innovation at the 12th Annual 2014 Front End of Innovation Conference.

As a widely recognized leader in the field of developing solutions to facilitate the observational, analytical and collaborative needs of behavioral healthcare and special education professionals Ron discussed the importance of telemedicine and social media as disruptive solutions for brain disorders while sharing his experience of applying technology to transform treatment options for autism, ADHD, Alzheimers, and depression. In addition, Ron also spoke of his personal passion of launching health technology solutions and while expressing how social entrepreneurship can lead to both personal fulfillment and financial success.

About the 12th Annual 2014 FEI Conference

As the #1 industry event for provoking change, and exchanging best practices, the FEI is world-renowned for real world, best-in-class presentations by true visionaries that are passionate about innovation and deliver measurable results.

About Ron Oberleitner

Ron is the Chief Executive Officer, and Chairman of the Board for Behavior Imaging Solutions and is an expert in health informatics and telemedicine for special needs (TalkAutism, AustismCares).
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