Behavior Imaging Tools for Training and Supervision

Since starting Behavior Imaging in 2005, our goal has always been to support families living with autism on their journey from diagnosis to care. As autism prevalence rises, the ability to quickly and accurately diagnose a child has become paramount. Families often wait months for an official diagnosis or struggle with lack of access to care. Behavior Imaging technology seeks to remove these barriers. As technology grows and improves, Behavior Imaging tools have developed other uses for training and supervision.


Improvements in the Training and Supervision Process:

    • Teachers and Supervisors can monitor and assess behavior remotely
    • Students and trainees can quickly receive feedback from multiple sources
    • Learning processes are expedited due to time saved

These applications allow supervisors and teachers to turn to technology like Behavior Connect and the Behavior Capture App to bring training and supervision of young clinicians to the next level.


Behavior Imaging Tools in Practice

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Several military families participated in the study

A study conducted on behalf of the U.S. Air Force Medical Service gives context for how Behavior Imaging’s tools can improve training and supervision. Thirty-three military families with at least one autistic child assessed the effectiveness of the Behavior Imaging online consultation platform. These families used our diagnostic tools to capture behavior remotely. Applied Behavior Analysis supervisors then reviewed the captured footage. According to surveys completed by participating families, the benefits of Behavior Imaging technology included significant time and expense savings, as well as more relevant information communicated both to the caregiver and therapist. 


Technology Enhancing Supervision

While the above study focused on families capturing their children’s behavior, we’ve found that supervisors can just as easily turn the camera around and use these methods to assess clinicians in the field. Using the same tools that families used to document their child’s behavior, clinicians can record their own behavior during a routine procedure or consultation and send to their supervisors for immediate review.

Immediate Improvements for Supervision:

    • Better understanding of complex behaviors by the therapist supervisor
    • More accurate assessments of behavioral trends and progress
    • Multiple supervisors at once can review behavior in an expedited manner

We’re hopeful that supervisors can use Behavior Imaging’s technology to not only to help families, but also to supervise health professionals and help them optimally care for their patients. For a closer look into better therapeutic supervision with Behavior Imaging, we’ve included the video below for further viewing.


A Helpful Solution for Students

Behavior Imaging is a helpful tool for students.

As the healthcare landscape changes and grows, so does the training process for the next generation of medical professionals. Behavior Imaging video-capture technology has the potential to transform the student/teacher relationship in a similar way to the clinician/supervisor relationship. For example, nursing students carrying out protocols such as a routine influenza immunization can capture the procedure using the Behavior Connect platform. These students can then send their data to several different teachers at once who can evaluate the students’ proficiency in the procedure almost immediately. In this way, the learning process is expedited while maintaining the specificity needed to train capable medical professionals entering the field. 


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