Founders’ ‘Side-hustle’ focused on Farming and Adult Services

G-Louise Farm’s Journey:

Hey folks! We’re Sharon and Ron, ‘day-jobbers’ at Behavior Imaging, and simultaneously (nights, Fridays, and weekends) the heartbeat of G-Louise Farms. Back in 2017, we decided to sow something extraordinary—a farm that whispers stories of growth for special folks like autistic adults, not just focusing on crops and critters, but in the hearts of everyone, especially our friends in the autism / neurodiverse community.

Cultivating Unity:

We’re not seasoned farmers, just enthusiasts learning the rhythm of the land. ‘Fun Fridays’ and our sponsorships in Emmett keep the spirit alive. We’re more than hay and piglet sales. And we realize operations might run at a slight loss, but it’s a small price for the joy of learning and growing together to something bigger and sustainable..

Heartfelt Harvests:

Our hay? Treated like gold. Our animals? They’re treated like family, receiving the royal treatment. Picture this farm as more than just hay and farm products; it’s a stepping stone toward something grander, brought to you by people who are learning to be the very best versions of themselves. 

The Vision Ahead:

Dreams are taking root! Imagine affordable short-term and long-term rentals on the farm, where one’s new (temporary?) home opens the door to a cozy space for to contribute with like-minded people. And hey, there’s something magical cooking with our plans to offer vocational rehab services for 21st century farmers.

Why We’re Pouring Our Hearts In:

We’re not experts, just passionate souls learning from our own adult son, and taking each stride from the heart. Funding? Yep, that’s on us for now, but we’re extending an invitation. If you feel the heartbeat of our journey, want to chip in, or fancy a partnership, this isn’t just a business plan—it’s an adventure. Come ride the waves of growth with us.

See more on the G-Louise Farms Facebook Page: G-Louise Farm