NODA’s Notifications

Noda App Page


A. Menu Button: Slides open the menu bar.

  • (!): New notification is available.

B. Settings Button: Gives access to compression settings.











A. List of Menu Items:

  • Home: Takes user to home page.
  • Notifications:  Shows user all notifications.
    • (!): Unread notifications.
  • NODA App: Takes user to NODA App page.
  • Report: Allows user to download Report PDF.
  • Sign Off: Signs user out of the NODA application.










A. List of messages from clinician to user:

  • Name of the clinician who sent the message.
  • Date and time of message sent.
  • Message from clinician.





The image next to the notification shows what section the message is about.

Parent ConcernsFamily Meal Time Play AlonePlay with Others