Behavior Imaging for Early Intervention – Video Demo

Dr. Daniel Openden of Southwest Autism Research & Resource Center (SARRC), a leading autism center of excellence serving 11,000 individuals annually, discussed his research findings on the use of Behavior Imaging® for improving the quality and accessibility of behavior services, particularly early intervention.

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Remote Autism Therapy Supervision – U.S. Air Force

The United States Air Force (USAF) has completed a project to assess Behavior Imaging®, the company’s video-based telemedicine application, to help treat the children of military families who have autism. The study, involving 33 military families, assessed the effectiveness of the company’s online consultation platform to facilitate remote access to Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services through a proprietary video capture system connected to a HIPAA-compliant web server.

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Remote Parent Training to Improve Early Intervention – SARRC

Behavior Imaging technology can significantly aid families and health professionals in more effectively treating children with autism. As part of an Organization of Autism Research study, SARRC has used Behavior Connect (formerly B.I. CARE) to remotely supervise parents in the management of their children’s conditions. In the study, parents using a Flip Video® camera digitally record their child’s behavioral events from their homes. They then share three recordings each week via Behavior Connect to SARRC, where a behavior professional observes the child’s behavior, makes annotations about appropriate interventions right on the video, and then sends the comments back to the family through Behavior Connect.

“Nathan’s behavior used to be very disruptive. Now, after just a few months, he talks and will sit and eat at the table, and he also plays. We’ve learned so much about how to better interact with him and what triggers certain behaviors. It’s really changed our lives.”

    – Heather Clarke, Parent and Participant in Southwest Autism study

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Psychologist Clinical Training … Any Time, From Anywhere – Dept. of Defense

Behavior Imaging Solutions (formerly Caring Technologies) partnered with Virtually Better, Inc. (VBI) to deliver pioneering technology to the U.S. Air Force for the purpose of enhanced clinical training, treatment, and consultation of behavioral problems and posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Through its use of Behavior Capture (formerly B.I. Capture), the USAF is providing returning service members from Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom remote access to the best possible treatment by internationally-recognized psychological experts.

“With Behavior Imaging, our virtual reality treatment providers can safely share their session videos and receive more efficient consultation from the leading experts in mental health, many of whom are not located in close proximity to the soldiers who need the treatment.”

    – Dr. Josh Spitalnick, Director of Research and Clinical Services, Virtually Better, Inc.

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Remote Functional Behavior Assessments – Monash University

Monash University, Australia’s largest university, uses Behavior Imaging in research on performing functional behavior assessments (FBAs) remotely. Study findings show that this technology can inform effective interventions for problem behaviors in young children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD).

“Behavior Capture can be used to conduct a direct FBA in a natural setting… it was effective in decreasing the frequency of problem behavior.”

    – Dr. Angelika Anderson, Faculty of Education, Monash University

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Autism Clinic to Provide Families Remote Consultation via Behavior Imaging – ICACD

Behavior Imaging technology is being used to provide remote services to children with autism under a new United States Air Force program. Children of military personnel at military bases, often located in remote or isolated areas, lack access to badly-needed care. Intermountain Center for Autism and Child Development (ICADC) is one of several providers leveraging Behavior Imaging to provide intervention services to military families.

“I can tag the start of the behavior, or the antecedent, the beginning of the behavior, the behavior itself and the outcome – and give the parents feedback immediately.”

 – Dr. Tyler Whitney, Intermountain Center for Autism and Child Development

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