Roles and Descriptions

The following roles are flexible to fit many organizations, schools and/or studies.

Client The client is the subject, student, or patient.

  • Clients can have files and assessments associated with them.
  • The client has no login or direct access to files and assessments.

Login Client This is a client that has the ability to login and upload files.

  • Login Client is only able to see and have access to all folders, files, and metadata under their “My Document” folder.
  • All Users that have access to the Login Client will be able to see and have access to all folders, files, and metadata under the client’s profile.
    • Note: For users to have access to client/login client profiles, the admin will need to add the association of user(s) within the client/login client role.

User The user can be a clinician, teacher, or caregiver. This is the core role for accessing the Behavior Connect™ system.

  • Users can choose different clients in the “Client Selector” that they have been assigned to by the admin.
  • Users can view other data associated to the clients by other roles.

Scorer The scorer role is similar to the user role but can only see metadata that they themselves have added to the client.

  • The scorer can complete assessments on a client and that scoring data can be compared with other scorers by other roles.

Gold Standard Rater – This role is designed to show comparison and differences between the scorers’ organizational tags.

  • The Gold Standard Rater has the same permissions as a scorer other than access to the Library in the File Organizer and the Notifications feature.

Group Admin – This role has access to multiple users and clients within a larger “group”. The group may be an individual site, an entire state, or a dispersed group of users.

  • Group admins cannot delete, edit or add users.
  • Group admins can only see users, clients, and libraries in their particular group.

Group System Admin – Like the group admin, the group system admin has access to multiple users and clients that are associated to their “group”.

  • Unlike the group admin, the group system admin can add and edit users and clients.
  • Group system admins have access to the whole system.

Admin – The admin is the account holder for the system.

  • The admin has complete access to the entire account.
  • Admins can add new roles and edit existing ones.
  • Admins can associate clients to users and users to groups.