Getting Started

Behavior Connect is a role and permission based system. The system is designed very similar to an Electronic Health Record (EHR). With your purchase of your Behavior Connect account you will be provided with an Administrative username and login. You will have the ability to add the number of users and clients that you have paid for.


Setting Up Your Behavior Connect Service:

Step 1: You will need to add users and clients (If you have a large enterprises Behavior Imaging will provide an import). Follow the link below for more information on how to add your users and clients.

How to Add a User

Step 2: During the process of adding clients, you will need to provide your users access to specific clients. You can give the user access to a client by adding them to the client’s group associations. Follow the link below for more information on how to give access to a client for a user.

How to Give Access to a Client for a User

Helpful Links and Information:

Please follow these links to help guide you through using the system and to answer questions you may have.

– Basic Administrative Functions:
   Administrative Roles

– Basic User Functions:
   User Roles

– Basic Client Functions:
   Client Roles

– Needed System Capabilities:
   System Requirements

– Accessing Dual Roles:
Accessing a User’s Multiple Roles

– How to Upload Files:
   Uploading Files

– Adding a File to a Client:
How to Add a File to a Client

– How to Tag Videos:
   Video Player’s Tag Feature

– How to Add Comments to Files:
   Comments Feature

– How to Add Keywords to Files:
   Keywords Feature

– How to Use the Client Selector:
   Client Selector

– How to Use the Client Notepad:
   Client Notepad

– Setting Notifications for Your Clients:
   Notification Settings