Tech Innovation Goals

Behavior Imaging is researching how professionals can diagnose and assess individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders by advancing its technology in the following ways:

Our Goals:

1. Move to a more mobile application of Behavior Capture by utilizing a Smartphone.

Example: A mobile app that can view notes, capture images, send and store data, and review captured data.

Watch the video.
2. Make Behavior Connect state-of-the-art to give doctors and educators the ability to give ‘behavior prescriptions’ remotely.

Example: a practitioner can write a “prescription” for images of a specific behavior that can then be “filled” by the person capturing the data.

3. Provide video data evidence for the assessment process during both diagnosis and treatment.

Example: video data will support goal attainment and identify potential regression.

This is now build into
Behavior Connect the flexible behavior capturing and analyzing tool.
and can be seen on
Watch the video.
4. Improve technology to ensure that prescriptions are ‘appropriately filled.’

Example: “prescriber” can check to see that the correct data was captured and then followup with the appropriate person if further evidence is needed.

This feature is now built into
Behavior Connect the flexible behavior capturing and analyzing tool.
5. Create clinician online tools to accelerate health and education assessments.

Example: diagnostic criteria outlined and described so data is focused for collection efforts.

Apps like NODA now have instructional videos like
and users can use DSM4 and DSM5 criteria as you can see here and read more information here