Adult Applications of Behavior Imaging – A Focus for 2016

While most of Behavior Imaging’s ‘autism’ applications have been developed, evaluated, and ultimately commercialized to benefit at-risk or already diagnosed children with ASD, BI has been concurrently collaborating with health centers and universities for the past six years to evaluate the use of Behavior Imaging’s applications to facilitate care for transitioning teens and adult with ASD’s ongoing healthcare needs.

BI has documented some of its ‘adult’ applications over the years in the following publications or case studies found in our Case Studies section…

– Store and Forward Telepsychology Applications…

– Use of BI to Assess Inter-rater Reliability in a Pharmaceutical Trial

– Use of BI and Gizmogadget to Support Adults out in the Community

By publishing on these successful adult applications, BI is refining use of our Behavior Connect platform to be applicable for applications from a time when a child is ‘at-risk’ for a developmental delay, until that same person can access Behavior Connect independently to facilitate periodic health visits (incl remote visits),  and achieve optimal health as an adult, with doctors ‘just a click away’.

See how adults had facilitated their clinical trial involvement by their clinicians using Behavior Imaging –

Please check back here this summer regarding some current research efforts we’ll be publishing specific to adult applications.

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