Vice President and Co-Founder of Behavior Imaging Supports CCSSO Meeting on Special Education

Co-Founder and Vice President of Clinical & Corporate Affairs Sharon Oberleitner was honored to attend the Council of Chief State School Officers’ annual meeting on student assessments for special education. In 2011, Ms. Oberleitner was nominated for the CCSSO’s prestigious Innovation award on behalf of Behavior Imaging’s unique solution for assessing special needs students on a statewide basis. In her own words, “Using Behavior Imaging for assessments, it is truly an opportunity for all students NOT to be left behind. Evidence of a student’s progress is a click away.”

Meeting with key lead educational figures from around the nation, Ms. Oberleitner was able to provide her expertise in technology, explaining what resources are available for states and schools for these assessments. She continues to advocate for better educational assessment using technology by representing Behavior Imaging.