The Admin role is the only role that has access to Reports. The reports provide data to best manage and support the organization. Custom reports can be requested. They can be found in the dropdown menu on the main toolbar.

Report Types

Tag Report


  1. Date Tag was Added.
  2. User/Client File Resides.
  3. File Name.
  4. Folder Name.
  5. Tag Name.
  6. Tag’s Time in Video.
  7. Details.
  8. Tag Author.
  9. Group.
  10. Location.

Keyword Report


  1. Date Keyword was Added.
  2. User/Client File Resides.
  3. File Name.
  4. Folder Name.
  5. Keyword Name.
  6. Keyword Author.
  7. Group.
  8. Location.

Generic IRR Report


  1. Client ID.
  2. Group.
  3. Location.
  4. File.
  5. Role.
  6. Scorer ID.
  7. Tags Added.
  8. Percent Correct to Gold Standard.
  9. Exact compared to all Scorers.
  10. Not matched compared to all Scorers.

Files Report


  1. File ID.
  2. File Name.
  3. File Type.
  4. User Uploaded.
  5. User/Client that File Resides.
  6. Location.
  7. File Creation Time.
  8. File Last Modified.
  9. Length in Seconds.
  10. Size in Bytes.

Support Query

The Support Query is a direct line to the support team. You can ask questions or mention a problem that you are having.

Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 10.41.37 PM1. Contact Email:
This will be copied from your account.  This can be edited if you want to use another email to communicate with.

2. Question / Issue Description:
Type in your question or issue here.
– Questions:
+ Please use specifications in your question so that we may better understand them.
– Issues:
+ Please describe your issue with as much detail as possible.
+ Include the steps that you took that created the issue.

3. Send Button:
Hit the Send button when you are ready to send the issue or question you have for the support team.

Please allow up to 24 hours for a Support Technician to respond by e-mail.