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Thanks to an Autism Speaks grant, we’re testing a new mobile app to help manage medications for autism and other behavioral disorders. Using video, the doctor can remotely monitor behavior through patient self-reports, caregiver capturing specific behavior, and doctor tools to annotate and store video health records.

Clinical studies have long suggested that Behavior Imaging’s Behavior Connect™ platform be used for medication management, and the company is proud to announce the results of research completed thanks to an Autism Speaks grant, that tested how doctors, patients and caregivers might use the platform for better control and monitoring of medication. This research has taken the idea even further by testing a mobile device app in alpha stage called Med smartCapture…

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Video Script:
“A telehealth research project was undertaken to explore using mobile technology to help physicians improve medication management while providing caregivers of children with autism a tool to interact with their doctors between office visits.

Traditionally, caregivers report their child’s progress and challenges regarding medication during infrequent office visits or over the phone. Using the Med smartCapture app that was tested, caregivers can be guided by the physician to record brief updates or child behavior on their phone or tablet as they happen between office visits, and to upload the video directly to the doctor’s secure website.

The platform was then used by the doctors to check up on the child’s progress, and the doctors used specific analysis tools and the option to request additional video data. The physician could determine whether treatment changes were needed, or when the next office visit was warranted. Compared to existing methods, the physician viewed data on a flexible schedule and revisited contextual video over time.

This research shows promise for this new types of telehealth solutions to provide timely medication review, improve patient care, and may reduced caregiver stress. Additional research and early stage pilot programs are underway to study related applications. Follow future research on”