Revolutionizing Hospital Care for Autistic Adolescents

Transforming Autism Care with Custom Telehealth

Embark on a groundbreaking journey with us as we tailor BI’s renowned AssessmentView™ to address a critical gap in hospital care. In partnership with Vanderbilt University Medical Center and a team of leading autism experts, our SBIR project (1R44MH134706 – Transforming Hospitalizations of Autistic Adolescents via a Novel Telehealth Platform) is dedicated to transforming behavioral support to hospitalized teens through our AI-enabled Behavior Support Telehealth System—the first of its kind in the autism treatment industry. Our focus is to support hospitals who are providing autistic teens healthcare services, where our telehealth solution will help remotely-based behavior experts support the hospital staff and teens through their hospitalization, and provide the family with a continuity-of-care option after discharge.

Our Solution

  1. A Just-in-Time virtual Behavior support service for Hospital staff helping autistic teenagers
  2. Patient Behavior assessment services
  3. Transition Planning Support for Family and Attending Physicians

What we’re solving

  • Problem 1: Teens with challenging behaviors are hospitalized longer; it can be unsafe for attending physicians to discharge them
  • Problem 2: Hospitals Turn Away Certain Patients because of lack of Behavior Supports
  • Problem 3: Families don’t pursue their teen’s medical care in hospitals because of challenging behaviors


Our Vision

What Behavior Experts Could Do to Help Hospitalized Teens

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