NIH Research Grant and Pilot Program using new NODA Telehealth

Through a new NIH Small Business Innovation Phase IIb Commercialization (5R44MH112470) grant, we are enhancing NODA(tm) to be the market’s first hybrid telehealth platform, ie. an integrated use of synchronous AND asynchronous telehealth technologies tailored to autism assessment.

This grant will help NODA develop and test a new system of care to accelerate autism evaluations remotely to assist all stakeholders (diagnostic clinics, referring primary care providers and affected families) as shown in the following video (1 minute):

Project will connect Primary Care providers with referring diagnostic clinics electronically, through our collaboration with Total Child Health, Inc. and its popular CHADIS (chadis.comPediatric Autism Screening Software Platform. CHADIS is used by > 3,000 pediatricians to help them screen young children for autism during the family’s well-child visits.

BIS engineers have invented and are introducing BI LIVE(tm) in this project – a unique realtime telehealth tool that gives clinicians better clinical documentation during a video consult. Look more for this innovation in future posts.

Starting Summer 2021, a validation study began throughout Georgia (led by Emory Autism Center), and a multi-region comparative study to research time-savings and clinician confidence of diagnostic clinics using NODA Enhanced(tm) compared to conventional InPerson assessments. Research sites will be in California (Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles), Arizona (Southwest Autism Research and Resource Center), and Idaho via University of Idaho’s Center for Disability and Human Development, and Northwest Neurobehavioral Health.

For more information about this project, please reach out to PI Ron Oberleitner at

NODA Enhanced Pilot Program Invitation to New & Existing Clinics
We are ready to expand the availability of NODA Enhanced’s hybrid telehealth platform to a few clinics outside of the above structured clinical research studies. Clinics we’re looking to partner with would ideally be in newer geographical areas and:

  • Would like to work with clinical groups who are using & interested in telehealth for autism assessment
  • Who feel that the implementation and use of NODA would benefit their practice
  • Have the time to implement, use and provide feedback to us for further enhancement and experience assurance
  • Participation in feedback sessions bi-weekly
  • Can make a 90 day commitment to try NODA
  • Current NODA users are welcome
  • If interested, please apply here:  (choose product category ‘NODA’)

Other Use Cases: If you like to see additional videos, go here  Video Gallery