Logging into the NODA App

Login Screen

This is the first screen that will be displayed after launching the NODA application on your mobile device.

A. Email/Login: This is a text field the user will put in there email used for login ID.

B. Password: This is a text field the user will put the password to login into the application.

C. Login: Button when pressed will check Email and Password and then login into NODA if information is correct.

D. Forgot Username/Password: Will take user through process to retrieve username or password.

E. Sign up: Will take user through process of setting up account with the NODA application.




Home Screen

Once logged in, you will be taken to the Home screen.

A. Start NODA APP: This is a button once pressed will take user into app where they can record and upload videos for clinicians

B. User Guide: When any section is selected will provide a drop down of information for the user to better understand the process of the NODA application.

C. Menu: Menu to navigate to different section of the application

  • Home: This is the screen you see to the right
  • Notifications: These are message/notification user receive from clinicians
  • NODA App: Where videos are record and uploaded to clinicians
  • Report: Clinicians report that are sent to user
  • Sign OFF: Signs out of application

D. Settings: options to change user information

  • Email/Login
  • Password
  • Phone Number