The Power of Behavior Connect

Fewer Miles, Meaningful Outcomes

Fewer miles travelled. More meaningful outcomes. That's the power of Behavior Connect.

The average person lives approximately 50 miles from the nearest autism diagnostic center. Instead of traveling to and from a treatment or diagnosis center, families can now receive treatment from the comfort of their own home. Fewer miles traveled means more meaningful outcomes, that’s the power of Behavior Connect.

Three Easy Steps

Using behavior connect is as easy as 1-2-3

1. Capture

Capture your child’s behavior at home on your smart phone using the Behavior Capture App.

2. Assess

Specialists perform world-class Functional Behavior Assessments (FBAs) from a remote location.

3. Analyze

Clients, specialists and other staff members, build a library of shareable assets and a continuous health record. The Behavior Connect platform provides professionals with a unique set of tools to provide the best care plan possible.

Functionality of Behavior Connect

Behavior Connect offers:

  • A client centric, role and permission based system
  • A shared digital library
  • The ability to annotate videos
  • Digitized documents
  • and more, see all the benefits here.


Behavior Connect is HIPPA/FERPA Compliant

Behavior connect is secure and HIPPA/FERPA Compliant, using 256-bit SSL encryption. All users have a unique user ID and require a valid user ID and password to log in to the application, and the site-designated administrator grants access privileges to a user based on the roles assigned to the user.



Watch Dr. William Hazel talk about using Behavior Connect.



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