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Revolutionizing Hospital Care for Autistic Adolescents

Transforming Autism Care with Custom Telehealth Embark on a groundbreaking journey with us as we tailor BI’s renowned AssessmentView™ to address a critical gap in hospital care. In partnership with Vanderbilt University Medical Center and a team of leading autism experts, our SBIR project (1R44MH134706 – Transforming Hospitalizations of Autistic Adolescents via a Novel Telehealth […]

Exploring a Neurodiverse Oasis: BI’s Metaverse Experience

Behavior Imaging is known for our dedication to telehealth solutions that focus on and extend beyond autism. We’re constantly exploring innovative technological advancements that improve access to healthcare and services for individuals with autism. Recently, we had the chance to be part of a ‘metaverse’ community experience, an opportunity we couldn’t resist. Our co-founder, Ron […]

Founders’ ‘Side-hustle’ focused on Farming and Adult Services

G-Louise Farm’s Journey: Hey folks! We’re Sharon and Ron, ‘day-jobbers’ at Behavior Imaging, and simultaneously (nights, Fridays, and weekends) the heartbeat of G-Louise Farms. Back in 2017, we decided to sow something extraordinary—a farm that whispers stories of growth for special folks like autistic adults, not just focusing on crops and critters, but in the […]