System Requirements

Hardware/Software Necessities:
In order to operate our applications, your computer needs to have the following software programs and functionalities:

1. Java Runtime Environment (JRE)
Version 1.6 or higher
This may be called Java 6
2. Adobe Flash Player
Version 11.6 or higher
Most recent release is best
3. Adobe Reader
Version 9 or higher
Adobe 11 is recommended
4. The ability to run overnight for long uploads
Computers that are scheduled to reboot or shutdown in the middle of the night will cause uploads to stall.
5. Computer or hard disk sleep modes are turned off

For best performance using our system, your computer should be and have:

1. A platform of Windows 7, Windows 8, Mac OSX 10.7, Mac OSX 10.8, or any higher Mac OSX
2. A monitor screen size of 15 inches or larger, and a screen resolution of at least 1024×768.

Network Settings:
In order to facilitate optimal performance, the following network setup items are recommended:

1. Allow HTTPS traffic through any district/school proxies or firewalls (HTTP over SSL on port 443).
2. Whitelist the IP address corresponding to in any proxies or firewalls to avoid service interruptions.

Supported Browsers:
– Internet Explorer 9 +
– Latest version of Firefox
– Safari 5.1
– Latest version of Google Chrome