Pharma Social Behavior Data in Home

The aim of this study is to customize SmartCapture, a mobile device app for caregivers to video capture social scenarios in natural environments, and share them with an expert clinician. We will conduct a feasibility study of using NODA (Natural Observational Diagnostic Assessment) SmartCapture, tailored to specifically measure elements of social behavior, to evaluate its ability to provide an accurate representation of social functioning.

Behavior Imaging Solutions will customize NODA to meet the needs of specific outcome measures of a research study. The system will guide families to capture ‘social situations’, compatible with the goals of the clinical trial targeting social behavior. For this study, one of our research partners, SARRC, will recruit will recruit adolescents with ASD and their caregivers. Participants will be asked to capture on video the adolescent participating in social interactions with parents, siblings or friends. Clinicians will view the videos online and then score the appropriate elements of social behavior. The results of these assessments will be compared results from structured informant based assessments conducted with a caregiver.

Some of the goals are:

  • Provide conclusions regarding the clinical value of having the added smartCapture information.
  • Study reception to technology, ease of use, and what type of video data gets shared via our modified system.
  • Show this ‘social disability’ sample data to related ‘social disability’ researchers, and learn if it is a recommended tool set for future FAST-ASD research.

Some of the broader implications are:

  • Improving the type and clarity of data that can be gathered while studying social scenarios.
  • Facilitating fast and secure transmission of study data.
  • Reducing subjectivity by adding visual evidence data to support existing methods of interview and description.

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