Behavior Imaging Named Among Most Promising Telehealth Solution Providers of 2019

At the end of 2019, Insights Care, a digital and print publication for the healthcare industry, recognized Behavior Imaging as one of the Most Promising Telehealth Solution Providers of the year. In the magazine feature about the award, Insights Care wrote about the importance of increasing patient access to the care of expert clinicians, especially […]

Founders’ ‘Side-hustle’ focused on Farming and Adult Services

G-Louise Farm’s Journey: Hey folks! We’re Sharon and Ron, ‘day-jobbers’ at Behavior Imaging, and simultaneously (nights, Fridays, and weekends) the heartbeat of G-Louise Farms. Back in 2017, we decided to sow something extraordinary—a farm that whispers stories of growth for special folks like autistic adults, not just focusing on crops and critters, but in the […]

The Importance of Early Autism Diagnosis

Research shows that symptoms of autism spectrum disorder, or ASD, can appear as early as the first two years of a child’s life. Extensive neurological research has also demonstrated the importance of early childhood development. During the postnatal period, when a child starts to interact with the world around them, they start to form bonds […]

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Ascend Behavior Partners Puts Families First With NODA

When Jonathan Mueller, a founding owner of Ascend Behavior Partners, thinks about how to improve services to children with autism, he starts with a basic observation. “Parents want the best for their kids. When they realize that their child has a developmental concern, panic can set in,” says Mueller. “We see a lot of parents […]

Provider Reimbursement Progress for Telehealth

It goes without saying that the CPT system of payments and coding is both complex and detailed. It involves payer codes, categories, circumstances of use, and time. This system came from a 1985 Harvard study that created the resource-based relative value scale. This scale deployed an ongoing method of calculating relative value units for physician services. Many practices utilize a third-party medical billing […]

Behavior Imaging Tools for Training and Supervision

Since starting Behavior Imaging in 2005, our goal has always been to support families living with autism on their journey from diagnosis to care. As autism prevalence rises, the ability to quickly and accurately diagnose a child has become paramount. Families often wait months for an official diagnosis or struggle with lack of access to […]