Behavior Connect™ Pharmaceutical Trials

Collect Data & Collaborate/Supervise Instantly

Using Behavior Connect™ to facilitate a clinical trial may be most beneficial for how it allows you  manage, store, re-access, quickly navigate, and share behavior data – via a HIPAA-conforming platform. Here are some of the capabilities that facilitate and protect clinicians and researchers:

More Details

  • Gather and share visual evidence from multiple sites
  • Immediately view collected video evidence
  • Add tags and notes to annotate and code video evidence remotely
  • Improve data collection supervision and inter-rater reliability
  • View trial data, including longitudinal changes
  • Provide customized reports

Seasoned clinicians and investigators can immediately see the benefit of quick and organized access to annotated video data replacing the stacks of paper and subjective descriptions.

Medication Management

Behavior Connect™ makes it easy to track a medication’s response and developing side effects through multiple phases in your next pharmaceutical trial. Using Behavior Capture™ app to record, and Behavior Connect™ to annotate and store you can track progress and make needed interventions a lot earlier. Create baseline videos of initial interviews with subjects and then have the subject record additional “prescribed videos” from the comfort of their own home.

How it Works

Behavior Capture for Medication Management

The result of an important research study, this app connects with the Behavior Connect system to help physicians improve medication management and allows caregivers to interact with doctors between visits. It clearly prompts users to capture video of behavior related to progress with medications, and doctors can even send secure messages with instructions or feedback. Above all, participants and caregivers have the ability to capture behavior data on the spot and in the natural environment.

Traditionally caregivers report a participant’s progress and challenges during infrequent office visits or over the phone or with laborious journaling. Behavior is difficult to describe, and travel can be expensive and limiting to trials, treatment, and research.

Now, caregivers and participants can record brief video updates or behavior as requested by the research physician, and they can upload data directly through a secure channel:

  • Capture video evidence as important behavior data used in a clinical trial
  • Capture behavior data in a variety of settings
  • Use a huge array of different technologies to capture behavior data on video
    • Web cams and a desktop
    • Built-in laptop web cams
    • Digital cameras and flip cams
    • Custom Behavior Imaging mobile apps… and more

The time-savings and other robust tools are found on the researcher’s side, too. Behavior Connect:

  • Updates the doctor on the participant’s progress
  • Equips the doctor with specific analysis tools
  • Includes the option to require additional video data

Using that data, the physician may determine whether treatment changes are needed and when the next office visit is warranted. Compared to existing methods, it allows the physician to view data on a flexible schedule and to revisit contextual video over time.

Confirm a Diagnosis

Experienced clinicians know how important clear data of a well-confirmed diagnosis is. Behavior Connect protects clinicians and facilitates data analysis via:

  • Clear, annotated visual evidence
  • Remote access to the most qualified diagnosis
  • Tools to quicken inter-rater reliability
  • Collaboration for multiple coders and diagnoses
  • Secure storage and easy re-access

With these tools you can confirm a diagnosis for each participant cost-effectively and have the data to back it up.

Research possible through the help of National Institutes of Health and Autism Speaks.

Case Studies

Structured assessments that are administered by trained raters are always affected by variability in rater’s skill levels in assessing, especially when administered at multiple sites. This can potentially mask a significant effect of the investigational product. Principal Investigator (PI) Dr. James McCracken of UCLA and his team have designed a study in which Behavior Connect will be used to improve:

  1. Inter-site reliability checks
  2. Ease of centralized scoring of primary assessments
  3. Post hoc “microanalysis” of video’s assessments

On HIPAA-conforming Behavior Connect, the PI or designated clinicians at one site can watch the recorded assessments that take place at other sites and then rate the behaviors observed during the assessment. This method of scoring for the ongoing study, will help to control for variability introduced by multiple raters with varying skills. As part of this clinical trial, tests will be performed in examination rooms at four different sites around the country, and the video images of these assessments will be uploaded to Behavior Connect for subsequent review by the PI to help him perform the above three objectives. This page will be updated to follow the researchers at UCLA and across the country: Multi-Site Pharmaceutical Trial

Cost Savings

Here are just some of the ways in which this technology can provide savings to a clinical trial:

  • Eliminate significant travel and in-office costs for visits that are replaced with digital consultations
  • Eliminate significant time in hand-coding subjective reports of behavior
  • Eliminate costs associated with additional sessions by reviewing video of past behavior
  • Eliminate hosting and travel costs associated with centralized scoring
  • Eliminate printing and reproduction costs
  • Eliminate purchases of accordion binders, labels, dividers and other materials
  • Eliminate time spent by investigators in finding and organizing data
  • Eliminate wasted time due to poor inter-rater consistency

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