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Unlocking Non-Verbal Communication in Autism Care: A Journey through the VR Metaverse

Ever wonder what it would be like to be remotely interacting with someone in a 3D environment across the globe with ease? Behavior Imaging is humbled to share a project we’ve collaborated on using this method! Consider what types of doors this opens up using dedicated spatial environments for specialists to connect with their clients. […]

Telehealth-based Systems for Diagnosis, Management and Treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorders: Challenges, Opportunities and Applications

The prevailing system for diagnosis, treatment, and management of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs) in the US-the in-person service delivery-has been unable to address the increase in the demand for services and societal costs for those served, and the unattained societal benefits for those not diagnosed early enough or not offered early and intensive behavioral interventions. […]

BI Publications and Preliminary Studies Lists now available !

As a testament to Behavior Imaging being active to research efficacy for different use cases involving health and educational assessment of a variety of people, our partners particularly pursuing Thanks to this year’s crop of talented and dedicated summer interns, you can now visit the publication list for the following applications, please look in Research and Studies […]

Helping At-risk Families in Rural Idaho, Eastern Washington

The University of Idaho Child & Youth Study Center has been collaborating with other autism health professionals on Behavior Imaging’s National Institute of Health (NIH) research grant to explore alternative methods of diagnosing autism spectrum disorder earlier, especially for children in underserved and rural areas. The Center will still accept participants into this program from outlying areas […]

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