Reminder of why Behavior Imaging IS HERE

(from the CEO) Periodically, I find myself re-visiting wonderful TED talks like this one from Kerry ( ) who eloquently shares how not being able to communicate your wishes and needs can be SO debilitating to live a happy and full life.

Via its telehealth and health assessment tools, B.I. seeks to help those individuals (via tools that they or their caregivers can use) to get professional help, support etc. REMOTELY – just a ‘click away’ – so professionals have better ‘imaging’ data to guide us to overcome debilitating aspects of autism and other developmental disabilities.

Robby out a rare concert

Robby out at a concert.

We are now developing adult applications of Behavior Imaging for my son Robby (who now is 23 y.o.) who needs help daily to communicate his needs and to one day live independently, and for millions of other around the globe who have been left behind to either get a diagnosis, optimize their childhood years to get early and intense intervention- without tools like B.I. that enable them to get help earlier and faster.