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NIH Grant to Transform Diagnosis System of Care

Through a new NIH Small Business Innovation Phase IIb Commercialization (​5R44MH112470) grant, we are enhancing NODA(tm) to be the market’s first hybrid telehealth platform. This grant will help NODA develop and test a new system of care to accelerate autism evaluations remotely to assist all stakeholders (diagnostic clinics, referring pediatricians and affected families) as shown in […]

Original Song Aims to Shine a Light on Telehealth and Autism

To raise awareness of the potential of telehealth to improve autism care — even during a pandemic, Behavior Imaging has partnered with musician Ned Evett to release an original song and video, “If You Shine a Light on Me.” The song is available on iTunes, and proceeds from downloads will be donated to Autism Speaks, […]

أسئلة وأجوبة لتطبيق NODA

س: أواجه مشكلة في التحميل باستخدام جهازي المحمول. يتكرر ظهور رسالة خطأ. ماذا يجب أن أفعل؟ج: هناك عدة أسباب . تأكد من اتصال جهازك بالإنترنت وأن تكون لديك مساحة تخزينية كافية. لا تستخدم تطبيق آخر أثناء التحميل.   إذا كنت تحاول التحميل من خدمة تابعة لجهات خارجية مثل Google Drive و Dropbox وما إلى ذلك […]

Update Profile

The Update Profile is a way to edit your current profile 1. Default Login Role Ability to change Default Login Role A user has the ability to change their default login role. For example, if a user has the dual role of a User and an Admin, they can choose which of those roles they would prefer […]

The Power of Behavior Connect

Fewer Miles, Meaningful Outcomes The average person lives approximately 50 miles from the nearest autism diagnostic center. Instead of traveling to and from a treatment or diagnosis center, families can now receive treatment from the comfort of their own home. Fewer miles traveled means more meaningful outcomes, that’s the power of Behavior Connect. Three Easy […]

Dr. Gwen Mitchell will be presenting on NODA

Dr. Gwen Mitchell will be presenting on NODA at the Pacific Rim International Conference on Disability and Diversity next month. Her presentation, “Autism Diagnosis in the Child’s Natural Setting” is on October 9th at 1:40pm.   Dr. Mitchell is a professor at the University of Idaho’s Center on Disability and Human Development where she directs […]

NODA’s Notifications

Noda App Page   A. Menu Button: Slides open the menu bar. (!): New notification is available. B. Settings Button: Gives access to compression settings.               NODA Menu     A. List of Menu Items: Home: Takes user to home page. Notifications:  Shows user all notifications. (!): Unread notifications. NODA App: Takes user […]


The NODA™ app is a clinically tested service. Using our app and autism specialists we can diagnose or rule out autism – faster, easier, and less expensively. Download Information NODA™ Capture app is available in the App Store. Sign up online or by using the app. Compatibility Can be used on an iOS and Android Devices […]

NODA – HIPAA Compliant

NODA is a HIPPA compliant telehealth and health records platform, which helps you know your information is safe and secure. NODA has had years of research performed, giving you confidence in a valid product that has been tested and ready for your use. If you would like to take a look at the research findings, click here.