How to Ensure HIPAA Practices

HIPAA compliance is a team effort that requires both the developer and the user to work toward protecting PHI (Personal Health Information). The following are our recommendations for maintaining HIPAA compliance using an iOS device (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) with the Behavior Capture app.

Keeping your Device Secure

  • Set a pin (password) for your device. Locking your device with a pin will prevent unwanted eyes from reviewing information on the phone.
  • Remove PHI records from device when not needed. If replacing or discarding a device, delete all PHI from the previous device.
  • Set up iCloud and enable “Find my iPhone”. If the device becomes lost or stolen you can login to iCloud in a browser and perform a remote wipe.
  • Be careful who uses your device. If someone untrained uses the device they may breach HIPAA compliance.
  • Do not share PHI within social sharing apps such as email, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter.
  • Use trusted WiFi networks that are protected.

Staying Secure while using Behavior Capture™

  • When setting up an account in Behavior Connect, make sure your password is strong. Using letters, numbers, symbols can improve the password strength.
  • Do not share your login with others.
  • If you are not using the app, it’s best to log out.
  • Delete videos and images from the Upload Queue after they are uploaded.
  • Using the Behavior Capture™ camera to record keeps the files protected in private storage. If you use Apple’s camera or other camera apps you may be risk sharing PHI because they use public device storage.