Dr. Gwen Mitchell will be presenting on NODA

Dr. Gwen Mitchell will be presenting on NODA at the Pacific Rim International Conference on Disability and Diversity next month. Her presentation, “Autism Diagnosis in the Child’s Natural Setting” is on October 9th at 1:40pm.


Dr. Mitchell is a professor at the University of Idaho’s Center on Disability and Human Development where she directs the clinical services and interdisciplinary training programs. Her teaching cognate includes disorders of childhood and adolescents, and leadership education in neurodevelopmental disorders. The majority of her direct service work is in assessment of neurodevelopemental disorders. Dr. Mitchell is also a school psychologist and works directly with two K-8 schools and the Idaho Virtual Academy in Moscow, ID.

NODA’s Notifications

Noda App Page


A. Menu Button: Slides open the menu bar.

  • (!): New notification is available.

B. Settings Button: Gives access to compression settings.











A. List of Menu Items:

  • Home: Takes user to home page.
  • Notifications:  Shows user all notifications.
    • (!): Unread notifications.
  • NODA App: Takes user to NODA App page.
  • Report: Allows user to download Report PDF.
  • Sign Off: Signs user out of the NODA application.










A. List of messages from clinician to user:

  • Name of the clinician who sent the message.
  • Date and time of message sent.
  • Message from clinician.





The image next to the notification shows what section the message is about.

Parent ConcernsFamily Meal Time Play AlonePlay with Others


The NODA™ app is a clinically tested service. Using our app and autism specialists we can diagnose or rule out autism – faster, easier, and less expensively.

Download Information

NODA™ Capture app is available in the App Store. Sign up online or by using the app.


  • Can be used on an iOS and Android Devices
  • Requires Android (4.0.3 or later)
  • Requires iOS (10.0 or later)

NODA – HIPAA Compliant

NODA is a HIPPA compliant telehealth and health records platform, which helps you know your information is safe and secure.

NODA has had years of research performed, giving you confidence in a valid product that has been tested and ready for your use.

If you would like to take a look at the research findings, click here.

NODA’s Video Compression Toggle (Android)

Noda Main Page


A. Menu Button: Slides open the menu bar.

  • (!): You have a new notification.

B. Settings Button: Gives access to compression settings.




Setting Graphic User Interface


A. “Back” Button: Allows the client to navigate to previous page.

B. “Video Upload Options” Button: Takes user into video upload options.





Video Compression Toggle

A. “Back” Button: Allows the client to navigate to previous page.

B. “Enable Video Compression” Toggle: Compresses video before uploading.

C. “Message”: Temporary message that displays which compression setting is active when changed.

Note: Video compression settings are saved. The app will remember your video compression setting if the app is closed and reopened.

NODA: Uploading Videos



NODA can upload video files from your local device to the NODA servers to enable clinicians to review and report on a set diagnosis for the client.

For step by step instructions on uploading a video, please visit our NODA How To’s section.

NODA’s Auto Logout

NODA’s auto logout feature is to protect user information.

Only one user can be logged in at a time.

If the device is left inactive for ten minutes or more, the NODA application will automatically log the user out.

NODA Reports

Users are able to receive a Diagnosis Report from their clinician. The Diagnosis Report is a downloadable .pdf file, making it easy to view.

For step by step instructions on downloading your diagnosis report, visit our NODA How To’s section.

NODA Video Compression (Android)


Video compression toggle- Is a switch when active will compresses video file before uploading to NODA servers

  • This is helpful for user trying to upload a larger file that have a slower upload speed
  • Settings are saved.  So even after exiting the application when you reenter the NODA application it will be set to you previous Video Compression setting

Note: This feature is currently only supported on Android devices


-For step by step instruction to toggle your Video Compression visit NODA How To’s section

NODA’s Notifications

Users can receive notifications/messages from their clinician within the NODA application.
Depending on the type of notification, the user will be able to respond to their clinician.
Notifications will display an image to show which category clinician is referring to.

For step by step instructions on how to access notifications, please visit our NODA How To’s section.