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NODA: Uploading Files

NODA’s Upload Section A screen displayed after selecting one of the four sections: Family Meal Time Play with Others Play Alone Parent Concerns A. Tutorial Video: Video to help educate users on how to upload/record video B. Upload Button: Once pressed, the user can select a file to upload. Options on uploading: From Library Recording […]

Uploading Files

There are three methods for uploading files and artifacts: 1. Electronic Uploader – The Electronic Uploader allows a user to upload files and artifacts already available on the user’s computer. Click here for directions on how to use this feature. 2. Fax Uploader – The Fax Uploader allows a user to upload documents that they have physically on their persons […]

Recording Screen

The recording screen allows the client to record evidence before pressing the actual record button. It will also allow the client to auto-stop their video on its own. A. Upload Menu: Allows the user/login client to access the upload menu in order to upload their video evidence. B. Switch Camera View: Allows the user/login client to change […]

Upload Times

When uploading videos, the file size and network speed determine how fast your upload will be. To get a general idea of how long your video will take to upload, use an uploading calculator and type in the size of your file and find the speed of your internet in the list. To find out the speed […]

How to Set an Auto-Stop Length

The Auto-Stop feature allows you to choose how long you’d like the app to record for before it automatically stops. This allows you to participate in the video without having to manually stop the recording yourself. 1. On the Recording Screen will be the set time of “3 min” for the auto-stop. 2. Tap on the […]

How to Record a Video

1. Open the app, which will take you to the recording screen. 2. Choose a Buffer-Length and an Auto-Stop length. 3. Press the record button when an event is happening you wish to document. 4. Press the stop button or wait for the Auto-Stop to occur. Your video will now be saved to the app and […]