Expand your Reach

Every product of Behavior Imaging strives to expand coverage and quality of treatment for those suffering with behavior disorders. We believe in the power that a caregiver/teacher/parent has to change lives when equipped with the right information. Each product is based on a simple concept Capture, Assess, and Analyze.




Behavior Connect the flexible behavior capturing and analyzing tool.

Behavior Connect is a secure, online platform with modules and mobile apps for collecting video data, images, and documents to help professionals analyze behaviors, and support/train their staff.

Assessment View is our education assessment platform that specializes in alternate assessment on every level from classroom to school, to district, to state-wide deployments. One seamless platform can handle both the alternate assessment process and the year-round portfolio-based assessment.

NODA, the Naturalistic Observation Diagnostic Assessment, is a clinically tested service that uses smartphone technology and a team of clinicians trained for assessing autistic behavior to diagnose – or rule out – autism.